This Is Us

dscf1978.JPGdscf1979.JPG  This is our Eanes ISD Campus Technology Coordinators group.

We meet at least once a month to attempt solve all the problems of the EISD Tech World.  We have quite a bit of fun, sometimes lose our focus, but generally manage to take care of everything we set out to do.

We have found Google Docs to be the most useful way to manage our communication. We use the docs for posting our agenda and note taking. We useGoogle Spreadsheets to collect information for items we need to purchase, work that needs to be done, image information and updates, and any other collection of information that we all need to put in one place. 

Here’s who we are:

Paula Murray is our Director of Instructional Technology. She tries to corral this herd of cats on a regular basis….we try to cooperate.

  Joel Adkins is the CTC for Westlake High School. To me this is an uncomprehensibly huge job. However, he is so good at it that he was named TCEA CTC of the Year last February. His blog is the Twain Blog:

Marianna Husain and Reba Goodman are the CTCs at Westridge Middle School and Hill Country Middle School.  Marianna also does a very popular summer camp for 5th-8th graders called Camp Wired, in which kids have opportunities to learn Flash, movie creating, web site development, and cartoon creation.

The elementary school CTCs are Linda Schaffner at Eanes Elementary, Janice Friesen at Barton Creek Elementary (her blog is Texas Malahini ), Sandy Medina at Bridge Point Elementary, Carl Hooker at Forest Trail Elementary, Debbie Smith at Cedar Creek Elementary, and me (not pictured because I’m taking the picture), Margie Brown at Valley View Elementary (this is my blog).

I appreciate this group. We frequently email and call each other for hardware trouble shooting, sharing tips and tricks for application and software problems, emotional support, humor, discussions about programs and peripherials, and any other thing that may come up. They are my support network.

They are my comrades in the trenches.

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