Creating Google Maps with 5th Graders

Well.. we (Valley View 5th Grade Students, Nancy Darling, 5th grade teacher, and I) did it. It took a little longer than we planned, but the end product is  a Google Earth map with detail or marker boxes about the world’s biomes, created by these 5th graders.

We all learned quite a bit in the process. Nancy and I learned what to add and leave out next year.

The students, judging from the refelctions they emailed to us using their ePals accounts learned quite a bit also. The information they gave us on what they learned, liked, and didn’t like will be helpful in plans for next year.

I’ll be doing a presententation on the nuts and bolts of this project at TCEA during the Tuesday TATN  (Technology Applications Teacher Network) session at 1:30 called Google Maps-A 5th Grader Can Do This!

During our time in this project, I was often struck with what a middle or high school student could do with these tools.

Here is the link to the wiki that has our Biomes Research Wiki and the link to our Biomes KMZ file.