New Mobile Lab and 4th Grade Pictographs with Publisher

dscf1974.JPG    Our new mobile lab took it’s maiden voyage with Mrs. Alter’s 4th grade math class last Tuesday.

After the oohs and aahs from the kids, who were used to using the older Dell Latitude c640’s (which are still perfectly good machines), we got down to business.

 dscf1972.JPGMrs. Alter had planned a graphing activity over a 3 day period. The students collected data from their second grade buddies. Then brought it back to the classroom and used it to construct their graphs.  They recorded the data in their math journals, with the graphing vocabulary they were learning.

pictograph-temp.jpg  The students used a Publisher Graph template that Mrs. Alter had created, placed in the Student Shared folder, and had the students drag to their desktops. They immediately renamed it, and saved it to their home folder.

 They first reviewed text properties, and creating appropriate titles for graphs. They typed their title in the text box and chose font, size and color.

The second day, after reviewing basic graphing concepts, students got their laptops and learned how to locate and place clip art into their graphs.  This took some time to search for clip art that they felt represented what they were graphing.

Some students used the same symbol, some chose different ones.

The third day brought students realizing that they had to somehow symbolize only 1 person, since the key stood for 2 people for each symbol. Watching them teach each other how to crop a symbol, and calculate when they needed to do this was exciting. It was kids using their math, what they new about graphics, and their teamwork skills. There were plenty of examples of engaged learners throughout this whole project. Two samples of their completed graphs are below.

 pictograph-baseball-teams.jpg                                          pictograpcats.jpg


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